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Offering Morning, Afternoon, and School Day Classes

Organic Meals & Snacks Provided Daily

Our July Montessori Classroom.




"The development of the child during the first three years after birth is unequaled by intensity and importance by any other period that precedes or follows in the whole life of the child. If we consider the transformations, adaptations, achievements, and conquest of the environment during the first period of life from zero to three years, it is functionally a longer period than all the following periods put together from three years until death. For this reason, these three years may be considered to be as long as a whole life."   ~ Dr. Maria Montessori.

Within a Montessori environment, the child feels empowered to develop. The materials within the classroom are chosen specifically for the developmental level of the child. Self-contained activities are placed on  low shelves, so that the child can easily utilize them. A small rug is provided to define a child's personal space; one in which they can feel independence of others in their selection of materials. All aspects of the environment are inspected to insure safety and security of a child being able to fully explore the classroom environment.


The Woodcreek Montessori School is based on the philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori.



The Montessori Method focuses on allowing a child to learn in a hands-on environment, that is custom-made to each child's individual educational needs. Every month, we focus on several different educational concepts to enhance the learning process, so that the children are exposed to a fine array of curriculum hand picked for them.


Children work in the areas of Sensorial, Practical Life, Language, Mathematics, Science/Botany, Cultural Studies, Reading, Music, and Gardening. Our classroom is split into two distinct areas, Older Infants/Young Toddlers and Older Toddlers/Preschool so that both age groups can work on activities that are age-appropriate to their different educational needs.


Nutritious meals & snacks are provided for the children. We choose Organically grown foods whenever possible. We choose BST-free dairy products (Organic Milk), and nitrate free meats. We offer an array of fresh fruits & vegetables, never canned or frozen. We choose organic whole grains, organic soy products (non-GMO), and organic fruit juices grown from fruit in the USA. We do not offer the children any food items that include high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, red or blue dyes, or hydrogenated oils.

Our home-based school is enrolled in Roseville's Green Energy Program to show our support for using renewable green energy such as wind and solar power.


Parents are able to enjoy the comfort of a safe In-Home School, with a separate classroom in a small group setting. Our overall group size is small compared with most Childcare Centers. We offer flexible schedules for parents needs. We offer Morning Classes, Afternoon Classes, School Day Classes, and Before & After School Childcare.


Wendy D. H. Spencer, is a Credentialed Montessori Teacher (through the National Center of Montessori Education, Sacramento, CA, 1996). Wendy also has a Degree in Child Development. She has been a Montessori Teacher since 1996, and Director of her own Montessori School since July 1997.

We are celebrating our 18th school year in Roseville, CA.

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